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Financial Translators, Innovators, Regulatory Sherpas

The Georgetown Firm serves public and private sectors. Our technical experts translate accounting standards and guidance into English while our in-house marketing team and organizational psychologists make compliance intuitive. We bring diverse experts together to modernize workflows. The Georgetown Firm provides fluency in the language of business. 

Read our success stories below.

Simplifying Technical Guidance

Energy Regulator

We worked with the executive team to streamline, document and accentuate key controls over their revenue cycle, consistent with new accounting standards. Facilitating one on one meetings, documenting and modeling authorities, activities, and controls, we developed the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) providing a manual for the program and accounting staff.

Navigating Changing Regulatory Landscapes

Financial Regulator

We provide financial due diligence, policy development, research and strategic planning services to this active, repeat client. Our work includes compliance, fintech recommendations & implementation, and rule/policy development.

Modernizing Workflows

Entity with $15B+ in assets

We partnered with the Chief Risk Officer and five-member steering committee, devising a company-wide risk management campaign. We developed technical content, training, and marketing materials including a logo, flyers & posters, and three animated videos.

Simplifying Technical Guidance

Significant Federal Grant Recipient

We developed the methodology consistent with the accounting, legal and regulatory requirements to capture reimbursable costs and auditing on a sample basis to help ensure accurate and complete reporting for submission for reimbursement and created the entity's indirect cost rate report.